Alex Bregman joins the FOX MLB Crew after Game 7

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Alex Bregman joins the FOX MLB Crew to discuss the Houston Astros winning their 1st ever World Series.

- We've got a guest, our first guest, Alex Bregman is here.

- The little stud!

- Alex is here.

- That's all I call him, my little stud right here, man.

- Now, Alex, before we get going, you got to-- you get the whole clan here. You got to introduce the crew.

- I got my parents, my little brother, my sister, Jason Columbus and Blair Beck, my people from back home.


- Congrats.

- The familia en la casa.

- What is-- what is coursing through your veins right about now?

- This is unbelievable, a dream come true, something that you dream about as a kid. And it's just-- it's so special to do with this group of guys. We've been working so hard together since spring training. And just to see the smiles on everybody's face, it makes it so worth it.

- Life's pretty good. 2015, you were playing shortstop at LSU. Now you've got two home runs, five RBIs, in your first five World Series game, only second person to ever do that. You asked me, what do I have to do to win tomorrow to win a world championship? Now, what I love most, your stolen base and your groundball to second in the first. Tell me, what was the most exciting part about your first World Series?

- Oh my god. Most exciting part about the World Series had to have been just the ups and downs, and coming back, and just never giving in. And this team battled so hard. And it was so fun to be a part of those games. And just never being out of it and just keep battling. And you see the look in everybody's eyes just knowing that we're going to come through and get the job done. And it was so special.

It was a crazy World Series. And just unbelievable. So-- so happy to be a part of it.

- Bregman, I got to ask you, man-- look, you have accomplished something very special tonight. Not too many guys your age get a ring like the one that you guys are about to get. But not only that, perform at the highest level like you did on the field. You were so much fun to watch. What was your mentality once you know that you and that young group of guys were about to be in the World Series? What was the mentality? I mean, you guys were anxious? Nervous? I mean, what was the mentality?

- I think the mentality was just play aggressive and play loose, and just trust all the preparation that we put in all year long. And like you said, we were young group, but we had some veteran guys come into the clubhouse in McCann and Beltran and Verlander that really just set the tone for us, and really gave us gave us a confidence that we didn't have in the past.

And it was-- so I'm so happy to see Carlos Beltran win a World Series, to see something he's--

- That's my boy.

- --something he's worked for for so long. And what an amazing career.

- Nice.

- You know, this crew loved to hit. You put on a show offense. But I want to talk about your defense. You put on a defensive clinic in the World Series, one of the best I've ever seen. We talked early in the World Series. You've been working your butt off. What do you do next with this defense? You going to move back shortstop one these days? Or are you going third? Second? You got to do it all?

- No, we got-- we got Correa over there. Hes pretty dang good. And Altuve is pretty good. They're a good combo up the middle. And I think-- I think just get back in the lab and get back to work. I think as soon as this is all over, rest the body a little bit, and then get back to working on getting better defensively.

KEITH HERNANDEZ: Incredible. Tell us about-- all the folks out there about Hurricane Harvey. We got to mention that. And what it did and created the bond with the city and the people of Houston. You guys had great outreach. You were on the road for a long time, the whole team, had to play a series in Tampa. You had your families at home to worry about. You came and on an off day Friday, when you played-- before you played the Mets, you guys went out into the convention center and reached out and gave out everything that was necessary for those people. What kind of bond did it bring to the city?

- Oh my god. Just such a tragedy. And if-- we came together as a team, and we said, if we could do anything to cheer the city up and help them escape from what was going on, we were going to do that, and we're going to fight for them the whole rest of the year. And we wore the "Houston strong" patch on our jersey ever since then.

And it was-- it's so special to be able to bring this home to Houston, a city that has gone through so much, and has came out on top of it.

- Alex, tremendous to watch all series long. You were great. Your whole team was great. Enjoy it. Congratulations.

- My little stud!

- Congratulations, young man.

- Thank you, guys.

FRANK THOMAS: Put on a show.


- Alex Bregman and the entire clan joining us. Boy, was he awesome here in this world series, and the whole postseason, too.