Dave Roberts: ‘There’s nothing to regret when you leave it all out there’

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Dodgers manager Dave Roberts shares his thoughts on his team's devastating loss after Game 7 of the World Series.

- Dave Roberts, your team won the most games in the regular season of major league baseball. You brought the World Series back to Los Angeles first time in 29 years. But it stopped one game short. What did you tell your players?

- I just said that, there's something to be proud of as far as-- it hurts. It's supposed to hurt. But there's nothing to regret when you leave it all out there. And it was a long season. We stayed together, fought to the end. And we came up a little bit short. But there's nothing for us to hang our heads about. Astros, a heck of a year, great team. And you've got to tip your hats, because they earned it.

- Let me ask you about Yu Darvish in game three. You said you were shocked that he lasted only one and 2/3 today. Five runs after facing just 10 batters. What did you see tonight in game seven?

- You know, I just-- I was surprised again. You know, I thought that the stuff was good, and there are a couple of balls hit hard for the first time through. And so the walk, the double, and then, next you know, Springer hits a homer and you're down 5-0.

So it happened very quick. And we did what we could to kind of damage control and keep us in the ballgame. But we really couldn't break through tonight.

- Somebody had to win, and it happened to be your good friend AJ Hench on the other side. What did their pitchers do to hold down your offense tonight?

- Well I thought that McCullers, I thought we could get to him. And he just kept competing, and really couldn't get that big hit. And once they went to Morton, really, he just-- the velocity, and just kept us off balance, and really didn't give us a chance. So we had a couple of times we were threatened, and just really couldn't come up with that big hit. But, you got to tip your hat. Those guys really had a great series. And what a great ball club.

- Dave, thank you. And congratulations on a great season.

- Thanks Tom.