Lance McCullers says “Hats off to the Dodgers” after celebrating win

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Lance McCullers talks to Ken Rosenthal after the Houston Astros' first World Series win and praises the Los Angeles Dodgers for their valiant effort throughout the postseason.

- Lance, you started this game. Shut out innings.

- Yeah, no runs came across.

- What was that like for you?

- Man, I came into this game. I knew yesterday I didn't have much. You know, I knew I didn't have much to give, other than just trying to gut it out as long as I could. You know, the team knew that-- I knew I was on a short leash.

But everyone was everyone ready to go in the bullpen today. And you saw all our best guys come out of there. And you know, I gutted it out as long as I could. This is crazy.

- What do you think this means to the city of Houston?

- I don't think you could put it into words what it means to the people of Houston. Man, this is-- we wore that patch and we wore it proudly. And the people of Houston were never far from our minds.

We know they're at Minute Maid watching. You know, they're going crazy for us. And we saw, on TV, them taking it to Minute Maid. And they deserve this as much as we do, man. And we're going to party hard.

- How about Peacock and Charlie Morton?

- Yeah, man. Like I said, everyone was ready to go. You know, Brad came in, kept those runs off the board that I left on the basis. Pitched well. Liriano came in, got a huge out with Bellinger. Devo came in and did a great job with Puig, and then Morton took the rest of the way.

And hats off to the Dodgers, man. They're an unbelievable team. They're well coached. They've got a bunch of guys on their team who know how to win, who just love these type of moments. But we came out on top.

- Lance, congratulations. Now back to Tom.

- Thank you.