Alex Rodriguez sits down with Astros’ Alex Bregman, George Springer and Carlos Correa ahead of Game 6

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Alex Rodriguez sits down with Houston's young stars Alex Bregman, George Springer and Carlos Correa ahead of Game 6 of the World Series.

- Alex, you were working yesterday. You got a chance to sit down with all four of them.

- Yeah, I did, Kevin. But let me tell you something. It wasn't easy. Have you ever tried to get four of the brightest young stars in the game in the same room at the same time? Harder than you might think. But last night we made it work.


JOE BUCK: What a World Series.

ANNOUNCER: And the Astros win. They lead the World Series three games to two.

- Jose, you were on three teams that lost 100 games. Think about the journey and the arc of where you are today, one game away from a world championship.

- When we lost 100 games three years in a row, it's like, we're going to get better. I knew the team was in a rebuilding process, so I put in my mind, OK, now it's your turn to become a better player so you can join that team when they become good, like we are right now.

ANNOUNCER: See you later. Three-run home run for Jose Altuve.

- What's up, brother?

- How you doing?

- How you doing, man?

ANNOUNCER: Alex Bregman comes through. Astros win.

- I want to show you some pictures and you tell me what you were thinking.

- OK. I kind of have an idea before the game that whoever wins this game is going to be like a big [INAUDIBLE] of World Series champion. But I knew that this kid right here is going to get the base hit.

- Boom.

- Oh.

- Have you guys started without me?

- Supposed to do this as a team and apparently that doesn't work around here. Big Time Correa, Alex Bregman gets a big hit. I get pushed to the side.

- In '09, when we were one game away from winning a world championship, my email text was on fire. How many texts did you get?

- I got like 500 missed texts right now.

- 500?

- 484.

- I think everybody that's in my phone book, I got one from them. The country is locked in on this series. It's been craziest, emotionally draining, up down games that I've ever been a part of or I can say that I've seen.

- What felt better for you, George, game two?

JOE BUCK: George Springer goes deep.

- Unbelievable comeback. Or redemption, home run bomb last night?

JOE BUCK: Fly ball, goodbye.

- Probably that one. I went from about as low as you could possibly go to as emotionally high as I've probably ever been.

- Carlos, it was a little bit of a Joe Carter moment when you hit the home run. I loved it, I loved it.

- I really don't remember. Like I hit the homer, I saw that it was like a high fly ball, I'm like go, go, go, go. And when it went out, I just blacked out. Started celebrating. The emotions were running high.

- I think game 2 and game 5 really explain what this team's all about. If we battle and put together good at bats, I feel like we can beat anybody.

JOE BUCK: Astros win it.

- Give me your quick thoughts. We have to do what to be world champions?

- Empty the tank.

- I think we need to play clean baseball.

- We got one game for the rest of our lives. One game, man.

- I think we have to play the best baseball of our lives, you know. Verlander on the mound, I like our chances.

- So much fun to watch you guys play. I wish you guys a lot of luck.