Josh Reddick talks with Tom Verducci about Houston’s mindset heading into Game 6

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Josh Reddick tells Tom Verducci that the Astros' spirits are high heading into Game 6 of the World Series with a 3-2 lead.

- Josh Reddick, the risk of stating the obvious, the Astros are one win away from the franchise's first World Series championship. Take us inside. Tell me what the vibe is of this club.

- Very upbeat. The boys have been swinging the bats well, pitching well. Spirits are high right now. We're excited. You know, we would have rather done it at home, I think. But, you know, circumstances didn't play out for us that way. But we're coming into this game with all the confidence in the world.

- It's a little bit cooler than the last time you were here in LA. You know this ballpark well. We have Rich Hill and Justin Verlander. What kind of a game can we expect tonight?

- Hopefully a lot of runs on our end and not so many on the other end. We want Verlander to be the JV he's been since he got here-- have given up very few, if not any, runs.

And, you know, we want to jump on Rich Hill early and get our pitches that we can handle. And we did a really good job of getting him out of the game here last time, so I think we're just gonna stick with our same approach we had against him last game.

- Josh, thanks and good luck.

- Thank you very much.

- Back to you, Kevin.