The FOX MLB Crew breaks down Alex Bregman’s clutch performance in Game 5

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Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Frank Thomas and Keith Hernandez join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Alex Bregman's walk off hit in the 10th inning of Game 5.

[CHEERS] - I don't know that I've ever seen anything like this at a baseball game-- ever. I mean, this is the craziest atmosphere. This-- these fans are going nuts, and why not? Because the Astros are on the verge of history. They are 27 outs from winning their first World Series in their franchise history. Listen to this. I mean, it is one o'clock in the morning local time, Frank. These people have to work.

- I'll tell you what. I've seen a lot of ball games, Kevin. This might be the craziest epic classic that I've ever seen live. Unreal baseball, back and forth, back and forth, no team would quit, and you had to feel it would be a walk-off to get the win tonight.

- How do you sum this thing up, Alex? I mean, this was-- I mean, we could talk about this for hours.

- I mean, I'm giddy. And I know that people are skeptical. Say it was five hours. It was this. It was five of the best hours around. I mean the whole game was in display.

And by the way, fellas, Major League Baseball, it's on fire, it's in great hands. And there's players all around the world that want to play this great game because of nights like tonight.

But Kevin, this reminds me of that 1985 Boston Garden beat LA chant. This is amazing.

- I don't even know where to start. It was so many things going on during this game that I don't even know where to begin.


- I mean, the hearing was crazy. So many pitchers used during the game, so many decision that [INAUDIBLE] had to make. I mean it was crazy, and very intense. I was-- I was very excited to watch this game.

- It's, you know, as a player that had played in two World Series, you're separate-- separated from this. You're in the clubhouse. You really are out there in the field celebrating an emotional win like this-- and a critical game-- game five, a swing game, that puts you in the-- in the lead, in the driver's seat. And you don't really feel the noise. But to be here, and to hear all this--

- You don't feel the noise?

- --this is absolutely astounding.

- What are you, deaf?

- It's astounding!

- It's really amazing. I mean, this has been some World Series, back and forth, with two 100-win teams. And a quick reminder here. Continuing post-game coverage of the World Series, flip on FS1. We will be there in a moment. We're going to be here for a while.

So let's start here. I mean, you don't know where to start, because there's so much that happened. Let's start with Alex Bregman. Think about what he has done in the postseason. He homered off Chris Sale twice. He's homered off Clayton Kershaw. He homered off Kenley Jansen last night, and he beat Kenley Jansen tonight.

- It is hard to believe that this young man, at 23 years old, was walking the campus at LSU and playing shortstop. It's phenomenal. We got to spend a few hours. And all these players and coaches told Kevin and I that this is the guy to watch. This guy's a world-class guy. And the reason why I said this is Goliath versus Goliath, two heavyweights, is because of players that are unsung, like Alex Bregman.

- I've been telling you guys in the beginning of the playoff, watching this kid, he's like little stud. I mean, this guy is like a giant on the field. He playing an unbelievable defense. And when he started to play, man, I mean, there's no doubt that he's about to do something special.

I also talked to you guys earlier today. I was so concerned about Jansen [INAUDIBLE] hit lately. He had give up a couple of homers in the last couple games. And this is a guy that nobody can hear him. So I was a little concerned about him.

- Hey, here's the thing, too, now. There's so many momentum swings in this series. But now you go back to Los Angeles, Astros need a win to get a World Series. And Frank, they've got Verlander going in game number six now.

- Well, we know what to expect. Justin's going to come out and try to end this thing. But I'm not doubting anything the LA Dodgers could do. This team was back and forth all night. They give up a four-run lead. They come all the way back. And they fought their hearts out to the end.

Three run in the ninth inning. Puig get a home run. He's been quiet. I mean, I've never-- I've never seen anything like this. There's no fighting either one of these teams. I can't wait for game six.

- Both bullpens spent. The offenses took over this game, showed their mettle, why they both won 100 games. The Astros got to feel absolutely in great shape. This is a very uplifting game for them to go fly to LA with an off day. It's a tough game for LA to pick themself off the floor. And Houston's got their big-As going-- 9 and 0 in an Astro uniform, undefeated in postseason.