Game 5 hero Alex Bregman explains the elation of the Astros’ win to Ken Rosenthal

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Game 5 hero Alex Bregman explains the elation to Ken Rosenthal after the Astros walkoff win in Game 5.

- Alex, you guys trailed 4-0, 7-4. You hit five home runs. You scored 13 runs in a game started by Clayton Kershaw. As you stand here right now, what do you remember most or what will you remember most about this game?

- I remember we went down 4 to 0 early. Me, Altuve, Correa, Yuli were standing behind the mound, and we said, hey, our backs are against the wall right here. Why not have fun and play loose? Springer came into the dugout, hey, why not play loose? That was the mindset.

Springer came up. Huge walk. Then got us going. As soon as Springer got that first walk, got us going.

Then they go up by another run and Springer hits another homer. You got to be kidding me!

- Now, your at bat on the game-winning hit. What's your thought process there against Jansen? And when it went over, what did you think?

- I was so happy just to help this team win. I got him on a slider last night. So I knew he wasn't going to throw that. Looking for a cutter.

Correa, all our hitting coaches, they all said, hey, you better stay on top of the cutter. Try to stay on top. And we're up 3 to 2, baby.

- Congratulations, Alex.

- Hey--

- Now over to Tom [INAUDIBLE].

- --how about Houston?