Jose Altuve was all smiles after the Astros’ amazing 13-12 win in Game 5

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Houston Astros 2B Jose Altuve spoke with Tom Verducci after an incredible Game 5.

- And Jose, I've got to ask you now. This was your last home game of the season here in Houston. You're going to Los Angeles and the ball won't be in the hands of Justin Verlander. Tell me what you're looking forward to in game six.

- I mean, it's not-- it's not any other place I'd rather be right now than with these guys, you know? They play a great game today, you know? We-- I know they took the lead early in the game, but you know, we tied the game.

It wasn't great seeing it get over Villar, but it doesn't matter. We wanted to win and that's what we did tonight. You know, I try to go one game at a time. I know we have another game on LA, but I want to enjoy the moment right now and get the right mind set to go to LA.

- Jose, thank you so much. Good luck in game six.

- Thank you, guys.