No.7 Clemson bounces back with 24-10 win over Georgia Tech

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Kelly Bryant threw for 207 yards and 2 TDs as Clemson beat Georgia Tech 24-10 in ACC play.

ANNOUNCER 1: Each of the last two games against Clemson, both losses. This is another carry. Ball is out! Clemson coughed it up, and the Tigers recover. It's Van Smith. Not the last fumble we'll see tonight.

ANNOUNCER 2: What a hit that time by number 34, Kendall Joseph. You and I were talking before we came on the air. With this offense would we maybe see the ball on the ground? Watch 34 here. Right there, that hit right there jarred the ball loose.

And watch 34 right here. Hits him, ball hits the football. Ball's on the ground. None of the Georgia Tech players even realize the ball was on the ground, and Clemson takes advantage of an early opportunity in plus territory.

ANNOUNCER 1: Attempt did not work. On second and 3, Brian again puts it farside. Cain breaks free! Deon Cain headed for the end zone as the Tigers cash in the take away.


ANNOUNCER 2: 5' 9", 187 pounds.

ANNOUNCER 1: They fake it to Choice, go down the middle! Touchdown Milan Richard!

First and goal. Etienne barrels in. And the Tigers winning the battle up front on both sides to stretch the lead.


ANNOUNCER 1: 24-10 is the final, Clemson over Georgia Tech.

PA: That's the ballgame, ladies and gentlemen. Final score, Clemson 24, Georgia Tech 10.