Josh Reddick on his World Series plate approach: ‘Just trying not to do too much’

The Astros' Josh Reddick joins Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Frank Thomas, Keith Hernandez and Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Game 3 and his improved hitting.

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- Josh Reddick, who's downstairs, is going to join us live. Josh, we've got the whole crew here. I'll let them introduce themselves when they talk to you. I'm Kevin Burkhardt here, and congrats on this win tonight.

- Thank you.

- Just give us a little idea of momentum. I know in baseball sometimes it doesn't always carry over, but you guys obviously came alive at the end of game two. Were you able to take that offensively especially into tonight?

- I think so, yeah. I think just coming back from being a few down against that great lineup and how well they play in that ballpark really picked us up. Wasn't really worry about the off is slowing us down, we had all the confidence in the world coming here at home. We've played great here, great success here from everybody, and I think we just built off of that.

- Hey Josh, Alex Rodriguez here. Congrats tonight.

- Thank you, thank you.

- Quick question. Look, I know that you guys had an amazing flight. First of all, tell me about that flight and how good you felt. And please explain to us why you are you guys so good here at home?

- The flight home was exhausting. I had a bunch of emotions, I think we all did, a roller coaster ride of emotions in that game two. From being really hyped up to being really let down then really right back up there. So I think the flight home was really nice. I was able to sleep really well. But yeah, just coming here and playing well, I think it's just a matter of us getting in front of our home crowd. The roof's closed, it's really loud in here, and I think that really makes it unsettling for a lot of other teams that come here, and we're just so used to it.

- Hey Josh, what's up, baby, this is Big Papi right here. What's happening?

- What's up?

- I had a question for you. I've been seeing you lately hitting the ball opposite field more often. Seems like you're letting the ball get deeper. What is your approach lately at the plate?

- I just try not to do too much. Last series against New York, I think I was trying to do way too much. They were throwing me a lot of off speeds and I was out in front. So I just tried to work on things in between series to let the ball get there and just use the other way. They seem to be shifting me a lot, and I just try to stay focused on going to the left and then up the middle. If they come in, great, and if I hit it that way, great. But if not, I'm just as good at taking my hits the other way right now, and I think I'm just really good at that right now and I just try to sit with that.

- Cool.

- Josh, Keith Hernandez here, and Papi just stole my question. That was what I was going to ask you. I saw-- you've been pulling off, I think, by what I see. I know that you're a pull hitter, and you're a low ball hitter, like that low ball. But that first at bat when you went down the left field line, boy, that just surprised the heck out of me. Do you feel now that you're getting your rhythm back?

- Yeah I feel really good out there, aside from a week ago. Just trying to work on things, watching a lot of positive videos, try not to watch bad swings. But this whole year I've just been trying to focus on not trying to hit the ball out of the ballpark, using the whole field, and it really worked out for me. So I just have to get back to that, really help this team win by being on base. Maybe not driving in as many runs, being down that lineup a little bit. So I've just got to change my role. I can't be trying to do everything and get the job done myself. I've got to get on base, let these guys hit me in, and that's really when I'm at my best.

- Josh, it's Frank Thomas here.

- Yep.

- We got a nice desk here of hitters, and we know contagiousness in our offense is very key.

- Very.

- After you guys got to Kenley Jansen did everybody relax and you just felt like you could hit any pitcher they put out there on the mound now?

- I think so. That at bat by Marwin was his biggest I think of the postseason for us, he'd been scuffing a little bit. Got a good 0-2 pitch that he could handle, didn't try to do too much with it, had a great at bat off him. I think that kind of woke us up a little bit, realizing how good that Dodger bullpen really is, and that we're still a really good Houston Astros line up and we can hit anybody we want to. I think that really picked ourselves up. You saw what we did the next two innings, really came out there and put some really good swings on there. So we just got to stay right there. I think those three innings in that game were key for us as well as the second inning for us tonight.

- Yo, it's your boy Papi one more time. Hey you know you and me, we go way back.

- Way back.

- And I've been seeing you lately celebrating with your USA Speedo.

- You know it.

- Talk to me about that. When are you going to send me a pair of those?

- I don't think you could fit in mine. I've got to get you a little bit bigger size, but yeah--

- I need one, man! I'm about to go back to the Dominican, to the beach. I need a pair Of those.

- I got you. We'll have to get you some in the Dominican colors, if you're going back there.

- I might be in a jacuzzi tonight, you never know.

- Oh Yeah.

- Me and you in a Speedo in the jacuzzi.

- Hey, we're out here having fun, David. You know that. I'm all about having fun, you never know when this opportunity is going to come back down the road for you--

- The Astros win!

- --and I'm all about having fun.

- I love you, man. Take care buddy.

- Josh, I ask you for all of us, please don't send him one.

- Who doesn't want to see that body in a Speedo? Who doesn't want to see that body in a Speedo?

- Extra small coming, extra small.

FRANK THOMAS: Can you imagine him twerking in a Speedo?

- Josh, congrats to you. Thanks for taking the time with us. Go enjoy and have some fun.

- Thanks, guys.

- Josh Reddick, big show tonight. Couple of runs scored, really got the rallies going, and the Astros 5-3. I don't need to see that.

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