Brian McCann on Brad Peacock: ‘He stepped up huge for this team tonight’

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Brian McCann talks about Brad Peacock's big performance in Game 3 and his approach to hitting against the Dodgers.

- Thanks Kevin. Well, Brian-- Brad Peacock. What a job he did. 3 and 2/3, no hits. Only two balls left out of the infield. What was it like catching his stuff tonight?

- It's been like that since day one, from spring training. He had to battle for a position in this team. He's been our MVP from day one. Bullpen starter. Check out his numbers-- they stack up there with the best in the game. And I'm so proud of him. He stepped up huge for this team tonight.

- You guys jumped on Yu Darvish early. Second inning-- you were part of the rally run, scoring base hit. What did you take advantage of tonight against Darvish?

- We stayed in the strike zone tonight. We made him work and this lineup can beat you, top to bottom. And we showed that again tonight.

- First home win in the World Series in Astros history. Undefeated in the postseason. 17 and 2 since the hurricane at home here. What is it especially about home field advantage for the Houston Astros?

- It's the crowd. I mean, these guys show up. This is-- I mean, I had people in the other team say this is the loudest they've ever heard a stadium. So, man, this is for the fans. I mean, the city and everything. So they continue to show up, be loud, and we can't thank them enough.

- Brian, thanks. See you tomorrow.

- All right, thank you.

- Back to you, KB.