Ken Rosenthal explains what the Yankees are looking for in a manager

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Ken Rosenthal explains why the Yankees are looking for a young manager who can connect with the players.

- Joe Girardi and the Yankees parted ways yesterday on the off day of the series, and that was a surprise. But now even the bigger question is, who in the world fits the profile of what the Yankees are looking for here?

- Kevin, the profile that they want is the profile you're seeing in this World Series. Younger, fluent in analytics, able to connect with young players. That describes AJ Hinch. It also describes Dave Roberts. Now, the Yankees have some internal options, but the sense I'm getting is that they're going to look outside.

Alex Cora, who just went to the Red Sox, would have been a perfect choice. Now surely, general manager Brian Cashman has someone in mind, maybe multiple someones. That someone had best equipped be able to handle New York. Cashman is going to be under heavy scrutiny for this hire, considering Girardi's success over the past 10 years.

- My sources tell me that #13 right here has the first job has a first job as the manager for the Yankees.

- David, let me just say something to you. Your sources aren't very good, and I always say this as well. Alex Rodriguez, the man already has like 13 jobs, none of which are as stressful as managing. Papi, I think you want a job as a hitting coach somewhere, and you want A-Rod to be the manager.

- Not yet. Not yet.