Magic Johnson joins the FOX MLB Crew before Game 2

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Earvin 'Magic' Johnson joins David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Frank Thomas and Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Yasiel Puig and Dave Roberts.

- No one more iconic in sports than this guy in the middle. Magic Johnson with us. What's up Magic?

- Everything is good man. I'm real good. I got all my guys here. I used to go watch them play, so I'm excited to be on stage with all of them.

- I thought this guy was busy. Here you are. Your co-owner of the Dodgers, you're president basketball ops of the Lakers. Anything else you've got going on at the time?

- I got enough in my life going on, trust me. Tonight I'm gonna watch us play, of course this game against Houston. Then right after the game I'm going out to Staples Center to see the Lakers play, so I'm busy.

- I feel jobless next to Magic. Hey Irving as you know, you've been my favorite. My brother Joe we came up like really just in awe and I'm in awe right now because I love you so much. And so is [INAUDIBLE]; our producer, back. We always talk about you. If you had a choice, would you win a championship, another champion with the Lakers or one with the Dodgers? But you could only pick one.

- Well, I'm going to pick the World Series ring the NBA championships as a player. And I got five NBA championships as an owner with the Lakers, so I got 10 NBA rings. I just need a World Series.

- That's it, that's it.

- You know you could understand that.

- He know. He know, he got one. Magic, look my favorite player. I told you last year, my last year playing I got the pleasure to meet you. It was an honor. Man I'm so excited right now. Look you guys take over this ball club, and I saw all the moves that you guys have been making since. This is what you guys were looking for since you guys take over.

- No question about it. You know we had to spend the money. First of all the fan base was down on the Lakers because they weren't aggressive and spending money and bringing in players who can help them win a World Series, or at least get to the World Series. So we wanted to be aggressive led by Mark Walters and Todd and Bobby and Stan and Peter. We just wanted as a group say we're going to spend the money, bring in the right people. And Andrew has done an amazing job of picking the players, bringing them in. And so here we are. And the fan base is going crazy and they love it.

- Well greatness going forward cuz I always call you greatness when I see you. How you going to juggle your time man, since you took a bigger role with the Lakers? I know it's going to take more time with the Lakers, they've got a young club. This one seems to be in hand. What's going to be your break-up of a time going forward?

- Well I think first of all, as aggressive as we are as owners, we also are patient too at the same time. And I think that we were patient buying the team. We understood that just because you spend money you're not going to get to the World Series. It doesn't happen like that. So it took time for our team to grow into a World Series team. We took our lump. St. Louis beat us. The Cubs beat us. We took up our lumps and now here we are. And I think bringing in the right players with the right mindset. That grittiness that Justin Turner brings, Chris Taylor brings. And we already have what we feel the best pitcher in baseball in Clayton Kershaw.

- Oh definitely.

- Magic you know more than anybody your synonymous with so many things certainly Los Angeles. But you know the importance of being a good front man in a town like this. I can't think of a better one than Dave Roberts. Can you tell me about finding him and putting him in that position and what he's meant to be your ball club?

- He was talking about how important is Dave Roberts? How important has he been to this team?

- So Dave Roberts has changed the whole locker room, the attitude of the players. And he helped Puig take the step up to mature and grow. And it took somebody like Dave to do that. Plus he made us a tougher minded team. We always had talent, but we would get beat by those tougher minded teams. But now we're one of those because of him. And he's been an excellent manager, but also a good friend to the players as well.

- Magic obviously your name is synonymous with world champion, everything you do in baseball in sports and in business. But one of the things I'm so proud of is Puig. I had a great conversation with him. And sometimes the trade if you don't make is your best move. Tell me a little bit about his development, and how proud you are.

- Well Yasiel, first of all he got a big heart. He's better with kids than anybody I know. He loves to get out with the kids. And so what we want to do, we wanted to be patient with him because he had the talent. He had the physical gift to be a great baseball player. He was just hurting himself. He wasn't a veteran yet. He wasn't a guy who said man, let me take extra batting practice. Let me get to the ballpark early, and leave late. But this last year, he's been doing all that and had one of his best seasons. And that's why we're here. He's a big reason why we're here.

- This is between you and me. Nobody's watching. Nobody need to know. What it going to take to bring LeBron to the Lakers?


- I'll pay the fine. I'll pay the fine.


- Don't answer.

- I'll pay the fine.

- I'm gonna be in trouble. I'm gonna be in trouble. We're trying to build a championship team with the Lakers, and hopefully next summer we'll be in line to sign free agents.


- That's how you do it.

- No more fines baby.

- Hey did you ever think that Big Papi would be the biggest hard hitting journalist here?

- You didn't know this. This is crazy. The big hurt and I we known each other. I knew Alex right. But last summer when I got to meet this guy, that was it. I said OK now I'm complete. Because guys who I respect. All these guys did it better than anybody else, and also they give back. And Alex and I, were like great friends and business partners, and everything. But I always wanted to meet him too, so I'm good now.

Well if you Well if you need a big body down in the lane to play a little power forward. I got a couple years left.

- That money you used to make in Chicago, I don't have that money now.

- Magic, what a pleasure. Thanks for joining us really. And good luck. Enjoy the series.

- [INAUDIBLE] is coming. [INAUDIBLE].