FOX Sports Spotlight: Dodgers organist Dieter Ruehle is helping to set the World Series soundtrack

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Just the seventh organist in Dodgers history, native Angeleno Ruehle, who also plays for the Kings and the Clippers, provides a most welcome soundtrack to Los Angeles sports teams.


Take me out to the ball game. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

DIETER RUEHLE: I got a taste of it when I was 12. There's a sports fantasy on channel 7. I wrote them a letter. I asked them if I could play the organ at a Kings game, and they said, yeah. I got a taste of it. It was the day after I turned 12. I loved it. Long story short, the Kings hired me when I was 20.


I realize that I might play something that people might not recognize, and then I'll try to make sure maybe the next song is something people that didn't recognize it, would recognize.


DIETER RUEHLE: Sometimes I'll play Waller at Bat, as well, like if there was a foul ball. Like Justin Turner's, Shape of You, Ed Sheeran. So I'll play a little bit of that and turn it into a charge.


Like, let's go Dodgers. I've never even attended a World Series game. So to attend and to be part of that, I think that would be such huge thrill.

My role is to just, hopefully, add to the fun. Add to the fun environment. And I guess, in a way, sort of like providing the soundtrack. I love doing this. I love it. I don't want to miss. This is the kind of job where I don't ever want to call in sick, you know.



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