FOX MLB Crew reacts to Houston’s locker room celebration

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David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Keith Hernandez and Frank Thomas join Kevin Burkhardt as they react to Houston's ALCS celebration.

[CHEERING] - That is awesome.

- That's awesome.

- It's like Altuve won the Triple Crown.

- I know, right?


- Mike.

- Look at the goggles.

- So that's what-- I don't get the goggles.

- That's what they needed. They needed Altuve to give a little speech to get it going.

- I want to see more champagne poppin'.

- All right, just give it a little moment.

- Come on, make it rain.

- It's getting going.

- You know what I don't want to see?

- Yeah?

- Is more interviews after this moment.

- Because we know what might happen, Kev.

- Oh, there you go, right in the lens.

- Some real thoughtful conversation.

- We have, we have experienced that, right?

- And you know, Kev, Kev, one thing here. There's a lot of guys on this team that suffered through that Kansas City Royal series where they had it in the bag, were on their way to the World Series.

- Well, to the LCS.

- I'm sorry, the LCS. And they did not advance in a very disappointing loss. So coming here and all of a sudden getting tested and losing the three in Yankee Stadium and really getting rattled and unnerved. To come home, gather themselves and win game six and seven, it's got to be gratifying for those guys.

- Now that you talk about that, when I was watching the series, I told myself the Houston Astros need an ace. They need an ace. And they went and got Verlander. And that's why they are where they are right now.

- Yeah. And you know what? Hey, and I'll tell you one thing too, you heard AJ Hinch mention it with Tom Verducci on the stage This certainly doesn't make up for the people that lost their homes.

- No.

- Doesn't make up for the people that lost their lives in Hurricane Harvey. But maybe finally some good karma for a town that went through so much to have their team kind of bring people together in the Astros.