Big Papi reacts to John Farrell being let go by the Boston Red Sox

David Ortiz talks John Farrell and the Boston Red Sox. What is next for his former club?

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- Elsewhere just around baseball news today, John Farrell out as manager or the Red Sox. Back to back division titles go along with consecutive first round knockouts though in the playoffs. So Farrell out in Boston. They'll need a new manager. Papi, obviously you played for him. Are you surprised by this move at all today?

- Well, I live in Boston. And in Boston, the whole talk sometime during the year, it was that that was going to happen. You know? Managing in a big market, it's a survive and advance type of job. So it finally end up happening, and I played for John. John was a good manager to me. He keep things under control in the clubhouse. But like I say, you know, managing in a big market is hard. It's not an easy thing to do.

- I'll tell you, Kevin, playing against them I thought he did a phenomenal job. Won a world championship, and very classy guy.

- And listen, you know, to your point, big market, they spend a lot of money. And a first round exit is not going to be good enough. That's just the bottom line, no matter how good of a job Farrell did, that's how they're thinking over there in Boston.

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