Ken Rosenthal talks with Sean Doolittle about his move to Washington

Sean Doolittle talks with Ken Rosenthal about being traded from Oakland to Washington.

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- Thanks, Michael. Here with Nationals closer Sean Doolittle. Sean, first question, you get traded from the A's to the Nationals. What was that like?

- It was kind of a flood of emotions. It was very bittersweet leaving Oakland, the only organization I've ever been a part of, where I was-- shoot, I spent 10 years there and-- with the transition, the pitching, and all the opportunities that they gave me throughout the course of my career, which I'll always be grateful for, and the way that the fans had kind of embraced me and my fiance. And it was a little bit tough.

But then coming here, man, it's been great, coming to first place and being a part of this team and winning ballgames, being in a post-season hunt, and also being a lot closer to home. I'm from New Jersey. I went to school at UVA. So this is-- it works so well on so many different levels.

- OK, now, it's Players Weekend. Your jersey is a D with a bunch of Os after it. How did you come up with that?

- So I felt like I had to get kind of weird with it, especially with my last name. Doolittle, there's so many different directions I could have taken that I felt like.

But Doo is my nickname. That's what guys call me in the clubhouse. That's what fans say when I come into the games. And I told them, I said, just I want a D and put as many Os as you can. I was kind of hoping that it would wrap like maybe, like, down-- go down my leg or something like that.

But it's been cool. And that's kind of when I've come into games, I enter games here, the fans that's here, that's what they yell, and it creates a really, really cool atmosphere. So they've really embraced it too.

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