Zambrano told to take it easy in batting practice

Carlos Zambrano, one of baseball’s best-hitting pitchers, is now

under orders to cool it in batting practice.

Zambrano complained of a stiff back in his most recent start

Saturday, and manager Ozzie Guillen said lusty swings can’t


”Now he’s going to bunt, bunt and bunt,” Guillen said Monday.

”We won’t let him swing like he wants to swing.

”He was hitting balls all over the place. I don’t say that was

the reason he was sore. But Carlos puts on a show when he’s

hitting. We have to control that,” Guillen added. ”You don’t win

games in batting practice.”

Zambrano is a career .239 hitter with 24 home runs, including

one this season. He’s expected to make his next scheduled start

Friday, Guillen said.