Rangers C Torrealba suspended by Venezuelan league

Texas Rangers catcher Yorvit Torrealba was suspended Monday from

Venezuela’s professional baseball league for 66 games for striking

an umpire.

Torrealba issued an apology, saying he was embarrassed about his

argument with a home plate umpire after striking out Friday. He

angrily put a hand on the umpire’s mask and shoved him. He was then


”I wanted to express my sincere apologies to all parties for my

actions,” Torrealba said in his statement. ”I have extended an

apology to the Rangers organization as well. I am embarrassed for

my conduct, and personally relayed that feeling to the umpire after

that night’s game.

”On the field, I strive to be an example for children,

especially those in my native Venezuela, and I regret my actions,”

he said. ”I understand the reactions to the incident and will make

every effort to set a positive example in the future.”

League President Jose Grasso Vecchio called Torrealba’s behavior

unacceptable and a violation of league rules.

Torrealba plays for the Caracas Lions when not playing in the


His agent, Melvin Roman, said Torrealba acknowledged he got

carried away in the heat of the moment.