Yoenis Cespedes refuses to pick up ball, allows inside the park home run

So this is a weird thing.

The New York Mets are playing a spring game against the Houston Astros, and for whatever reason, Yoenis Cespedes is not in the mood to, like, play baseball and stuff.

In the top of the second, Cespedes went back to to field a Tyler White shot at the center wall and just sort of yada yada’d it after the ball came to rest in the bottom crease.

Cespedes didn’t seem to think this clearly playable ball was unplayable, and waited for an official while White rounded the bases. The ball was quickly deemed playable, and the Astros were awarded with one of the weirdest home runs of the young season.

[cue Curb Your Enthusiasm theme]:

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Just pick it up, man! It’s right there! You got this!


Dan is on Twitter. Any balls that shatter car windows are also playable by street rules.