Puig on time to park — just ask him

By now you know that Dodgers rookie Yasiel Puig showed up late to Tuesday’s game in Miami, was benched and fined, then came off the bench to win the game.

The debates about whether the day’s events were good or bad for the club soon followed.

Well, Puig wanted to make sure there were no controversies on Wednesday, getting to Marlins Park a little early. Of course, he did it in his own, very Puig way. By making sure we all know he was early to the park:

Think the Dodgers mind? Well, it was their Twitter feed that posted the photo. And that whole thing about Puig and some teammates partying with LeBron in South Beach in Miami earlier in the week? Judging by the tone of this tweet, the team is cool with that, too.

For the record, Puig went 0 for 5 with a run scored in the Dodgers’ 4-1 win.