Yankees fans ready to invade Rangers Ballpark



Rangers fans might have one tiny

qualm about the American League Championship Series starting

tonight against the navy blue horde from New York.

It isn’t the Damn Yankees that concern them, though former

Rangers Alex Rodriguez and Mark

Teixeira might hear a “Boo!” or two. It’s those Yankees fans.

No team in baseball can claim the legion that follows the

Yankees, the most storied franchise in the sport’s history and one

of the most valuable in the world. The Yankees’ fans are so fervid

that wherever the team goes, they pack opposing ballparks, chanting

and cheering in their pinstripes and caps, often overwhelming the


Who can forget those few playoff games at the Arlington ballpark

in the ’90s, when it seemed there were at least as many Yankees

fans as

Rangers followers?

The Dallas Cowboys bear the name, but the Yankees might truly be

America’s Team.

Of course, many Yankees fans have only the most tenuous tie to

New York. Instead, they’re drawn by the team’s dazzling success on

the field, its omnipresence in the media and a tradition so rich it

borders on the mythical.

Add ’em up, and they’re something of a psychological home run,

said Dr. Allen R. McConnell, a psychology professor at Miami

University in Ohio.

“One thing about the Yankees is they’re successful, and people

enjoy associating themselves with success. There’s a term for that:

‘BIRGing’ – Basking In Reflected Glory. People want to associate

with winners,” Dr. McConnell said.

And with 27 World Series titles, no team has won like the


Given that tradition and success, it’s little wonder that “New

York Yankees” is the most valuable brand in sports and the

franchise itself the third-most-valuable, according to Forbes

magazine, ranking just below English soccer giant Manchester United

and the Cowboys.

Likewise, it’s little wonder those teams and their fans are

widely loathed by fans of less-dominant franchises.

“My opinions of the Cowboys and the Yankees are the same: They

both expect to win just because of who they are,” said Joe Siegler

of Garland, a Philadelphia transplant who loves the

Rangers but couldn’t let the Cowboys

replace his hometown Eagles.

“But despite what I think of them, the Yankees are the franchise

and they have fans everywhere,” said Siegler, who runs the website

Rangerfans.com. “If you’re a fan of a team and they come to your

town, you go.”


Tickets going fast

The calls started pouring in moments after the


Rangers won their first playoff

series and haven’t stopped. Area ticket brokers are keeping busy as

fans scramble to be a part of the

Rangers’ first American League

Championship Series appearance. Only a handful of single and

standing room tickets remained as of Thursday evening for Game 1

tonight and Game 2 on Saturday through the

Rangers ticket office. Texas

Tickets is selling upper level seats from $75 to $100 and lower

level from $150 to $750. At Metro Tickets, upper level seats are

just under $100, while lower level ranges from $250 to $600.