Yankees: A-Rod On His Way to Becoming Next Ryan Seacrest

Former Yankees slugger and current special instructor Alex Rodriguez is poised to host a CNBC reality show titled ‘Back in the Game.’

A-Rod, who was employed by the Yankees 12-years, and made an MLB record $480M in career earnings will now help guide former professional athletes who find themselves going through financial hardships back to sustainability. So what you’re telling me is that all of the contestants of this show will have at one time or another been featured on ESPN’s

So what you’re telling me is that all of the contestants on this show will have at one time or another been featured on ESPN’s 30 for 30?

Produced by SMAC Entertainment and Machete Productions, which includes former New York Giants great Michael Strahan, Back in the Game will pair ex-athletes with “money-savvy mentors” who can assist these one-time millionaires with getting back on their feet.

Rodriguez, the face of the show, will keep the narrative storyline moving along as sports icons of years past look to embrace second careers or potential business opportunities. Think ABC’s Shark Tank meets HGTV’s Property Brothers.

Part of the press release Tweeted out by Politico’s Alex Werlin reads:

“It’s a story we hear all too often. … A pro athlete heads into retirement, only to find themselves in financial free-fall. With no more games to play or paychecks to cash, the future can often look bleak to those athletes struggling to adjust and adapt. But help may be on the way.”

But before you set your DVR, a Pilot episode will need to be shot — test audiences will need to be polled — and A-Rod will need to finish up his Spring Training duties with the Yankees.

You really have to be amazed at the career resurgence of Rodriguez, who went from potential Hall of Famer to baseball pariah, to comeback kid, and now an all-encompassing business mogul. During his year-long suspension in 2014, Rodriguez reportedly took a marketing class at the University of Miami, attended business lectures given by Magic Johnson, and became good friends with Warren Buffet.

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Following his critically acclaimed work as an analyst for Fox Sports during their presentation of the Postseason over the past two years, it’s become apparent that the 41-year-old Rodriguez can successfully accomplish anything he truly devotes himself to. There’s no reason to think this reality show will be anything other than a home run.

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