Wrigley Field celebrates 100th birthday with epic 400-pound cake

Wrigley Field celebrates an impressive milestone with an equally impressive cake. 

Jerry Lai/Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

If you hadn’t heard, Wrigley Field turned 100 years old today (but still doesn’t look a day over 90).

And to celebrate this epic milestone, the Chicago Cubs trotted out this epic monstrosity of a cake:

Created by Cake Boss’ own Carlo’s Bakery, the impressively detailed baked good took four people six days to make, measures four by five feet and weighs in at a hefty 400 pounds (that’s a lot of butter). 

The sweet stadium replica will be on display outside the stadium during the Cubs-Diamondbacks game before being transported to the Cubs Charities’ Bricks & Ivy Ball, where it will be promptly consumed. 

Here are some more details of this frosted masterpiece (a leopard-print vested Ferris Bueller, sadly, doesn’t look like he made the stands):