WS awards: Best & best from Game 2

Game 2 was a doozy that saw the Cardinals win


target="_blank">4-2 to even the Series with the Red Sox, but

here are the game’s real heroes.

Best use of entire face to show your team

allegiance: This young Red Sox fan went all-out in support

of his team. David Puddy would be proud. Unfortunately, it wasn’t

enough to secure a Boston win or a ride home from any of his


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Best celebrity/athlete juxtaposition: Andy Garcia

and David Ross are enjoying each other’s company. Ross just

finished telling the best joke, living up to his reputation as “the

funniest guy on the team.”

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Best Jonny Gomes stick puppet: Complete with

movable arms, enormous biceps, sunglasses, ski goggles and an army

helmet, this decorated piece of cardboard made the Mike Napoli one

next to it look like a kindergarten art project.


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Best use of legs by a second baseman about to field a

ground ball: Dustin Pedroia defies gravity as he bounces

on the famous invisible trampoline hidden under the Fenway Park



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Best … camera work: This camera man has an

intensity that won’t quit.


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Best positioning by a pitcher backing up an errant throw to

home who then hurls ball into stands: Craig Breslow uses

his perfect positioning behind home plate to wing the ball to into

a delirious Boston crowd.

Best fans in baseball: Error.


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