With new regime, Marlins adopt no facial-hair policy

Full beards are a thing of the past for the Miami Marlins.
Mark J. Rebilas/Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins have undergone a transitional phase as they enter 2016 with a new manager in Don Mattingly — and one of the first causalities is facial hair. 

For the first time since 2006, when current New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi was managing the club, the Marlins are implementing a no facial hair policy. 

While other teams that have a grooming policy in place that allows neatly trimmed beards or mustaches, the Marlins are going with a clean-shaved look for all players and coaches. 

Since the days Girardi left the Marlins, the team has gradually gotten more lax on his facial hair policies, with may players in the last couple seasons sporting full beards. With the change, Mattingly wants the uniform, clean look to be embraced for the long haul. 

"What do we want?," Mattingly told MLB.com. "Whatever we want, let’s do it and leave it. We can’t have a guy we bring in do this, and then we’re like, ‘We’ll do it now.’ Then you go back the next year. Let’s get what we want and set it."

Left-handed reliever Mike Dunn was one of the most recent Marlins to wear a full beard during the 2015 season, but he obliged the rule-change, reporting to spring training with a clean-shaved face. 

"No facial hair is what it is," Dunn said. "I came up with the Yankees. Just happens to be that was the last time I took a razor to the face. … We’re trying to establish a new beginning and just go with it. You come in every year knowing what it’s going to be."

As expected there some players were disgruntled by the change. 

"Initially, not too many guys were happy about it," Dunn said. "Obviously, I shaved. It grows back."

For Dunn, he’ll just use the offseason to grow a beard again.  

"My wife isn’t going to like it, because when the season is over, I’m not going to shave for a long time," Dunn said.