Will LA Angels be able to turn it around in 2017 season?

The LA Angels are glad that 2016 is behind them.  It was the worst finish in Mike Scioscia’s 16 year tenure with the club as the Angels finished in fourth place with a record of 74-88.  The big question is will 2017 be better than 2016?

The LA Angels had many reasons that the 2016 season was so dreadful.  First and foremost was a bevy of injuries that destroyed a once promising pitching staff.  Inconsistency from a few key spots also did not help. Finally, Lady Luck didn’t seem to be on the Angels side until well after they were already out of contention in 2016.

So can the Angels find away to rebound from 2016? That is the million dollar question many fans want to know the answer too.

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