You knew it was coming: Will Ferrell baseball cards on the way

Will Ferrell's appearance in left field for the Arizona Diamondbacks on March 12 was just a small part of one of the busiest days any player -- professional or amateur -- had in all of spring training this past offseason.

Casey Sapio/Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly two months after actor Will Ferrell took the field in a marathon day of spring training games, the real payoff is finally here.

Well, for one company, at least.

Trading card giant Topps announced on Twitter on Wednesday that it is releasing a series of cards commemorating Ferrell’s exploits in its Archives series.

On Instagram, the company released a few more details:

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, there will be 10 autographed cards for the 10 teams Ferrell suited up with inserted into packs.

So that’s 10 autographs for 10 teams on cards released June 10. But when Ferrell took the field on March 12, it was all about No. 19. That was the number he wore for nine of the 10 teams he played for on March 12, in honor of Bert Campaneris, who in 1965 became the first major leaguer to play all nine positions in an official game. Campaneris wore No. 19 at the time.

Ferrell did his stunt in Arizona as part of an HBO special and to raise an expected $1 million for scholarships for cancer survivors. He wore No. 20 while playing for the Padres, his final team of the day, out of respect for Tony Gwynn, the legendary Padres outfielder and Hall of Famer who died in June 2014 after a long battle with cancer. Gwynn wore 19 for the entirety of his career.