Will 2017 Be The Breakout Season For Joey Gallo?

Joey Gallo was a top prospect in the Texas Rangers farm system not too long ago. Gallo has struggled in the MLB and has many wondering if he’ll be the superstar that many scouts thought he would be?

Joey Gallo was selected in the 1st round by the Texas Rangers in the 2012 amateur draft. He was the 39th overall pick in that draft and started his minor league career at the age of 18. Gallo is known for his power, but he also has a habit of striking out too often. In 2014 Gallo hit 42 home runs, but managed to strikeout 179 times. That was in 126 games between Double-A and High Single-A league.

The power is legitimate with 152 home runs in five minor league seasons. Will that translate into Major League power too? Gallo played 36 games for the Texas Rangers in 2015. During that time he hit .204/.301/.417 with 6 homers 14 RBI and 57 strikeouts. Gallo could be a force in the MLB, but 57 strikeouts in 108 at bats is not a good sign.

Gallo has shown some patience at the plate in the minor leagues, but once he gets to the Majors it does not translate. In 2016 Gallo was given another chance, but only 17 games. The struggles continued as Gallo managed  just one hit in 30 plate appearances and 19 strikeouts. A small sample size, but enough to get some fans worried about the former 1st round pick.

Only 23 years old Gallo has plenty of time to develop, but it likely won’t be into the superstar that was imagined on draft day. 2017 could be a make or break year for Gallo and the Rangers should give him every opportunity he needs. Gallo could be the player that takes over third base when Adrian Beltre retires. 2017 is going to be a big year for Gallo and hopefully he can put up numbers to back up his 1st round selection.

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