Why Nick Swisher is pulling for the Chicago Cubs in the World Series

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Nick Swisher is pulling for one team to win the World Series — and it's not the team you would expect.

The ex-Cleveland Indian and Ohio native is actually pulling for the Chicago Cubs in this year's Fall Classic, instead of his former team.

Swisher told TMZ that it would be “good for baseball if the Cubbies win.”

Swisher did say that he still has a lot of good friends on the Indians and wished them “the best of luck,” but apparently he'd rather see the Cubs end their 108-year title drought instead of root for his former team, which is in the midst of a 68-year dry spell.

Swisher, a 12-year MLB veteran, spent nearly three seasons with the Tribe from 2013-15. After signing a hefty contract with Cleveland (four-years, $56 million), Swisher struggled to stay healthy and failed to be productive, causing fans to grow tired of his over-the-top persona.

The Indians traded Swisher to the Braves in August 2015 in a salary dump that set the team up to make some savvy moves and contend in 2016. While Cleveland stands one win away from a World Series title, Swisher is currently out of baseball altogether. After spending the first few months of the 2016 in the Yankees' minor-league system, Swisher opted out of his contract to “spend more time with family.”