White Sox: Will Rick Hahn Have to Settle in Quintana Trade?

Rick Hahn has made some of the best moves we’ve seen by a White Sox GM. The team is still actively shopping Jose Quintana but will they have to settle for less than what they’re asking?

The Chicago White Sox are continuing to shop left hander Jose Quintana. Right now, it seems like a three-team race but reports have surfaced that the organization is in talks almost daily. And we heard additional reports that teams keep sweetening their offers. Despite all this, Rick Hahn still has yet to pull the trigger on a deal which begs the question, what are the offers missing?

Scott Merkin of whitesox.com wrote an interesting piece on how high the bar was set for Quintana. And that has me wondering if Hahn simply knows he’s going to have to settle but isn’t ready to do so, yet.

It’s hard to imagine what the White Sox would get if they “settled” on a deal for their ace. Could it be a guy like Tyler Glasnow or maybe Austin Meadows? Glasnow’s name has popped up in talks as a possibility but to this point, Meadows hasn’t come up.

Then there’s Clint Frazier, another outfielder in the Yankees system. However, Brian Cashman was quoted as saying the asking price is too high. Obviously they have a great reason to ask for such a high return. Quintana is a phenomenal pitcher and has an extremely team-friendly contract. Any team that gets him instantly upgrades their pitching staff.

With all the talk surrounding Quintana, it’s amazing he is still on this team. It seemed like the White Sox were hell bent on getting a deal done but now it seems they’re taking their time. It’s apparent they aren’t getting the return they want. But if they are serious about trading him, do they need to consider taking a little less than what they want?

There’s no telling what teams are actually offering the White Sox. It could be a huge return but one the organization isn’t comfortable with. There’s always that chance they want to hold onto the lefty because they need help in their rotation for 2017. Maybe Hahn is starting to realize his luck ran out and he is going to have to settle for a lesser return than what he hoped for.

Whatever the case is, one thing is certain, the White Sox do not need to trade Quintana. He still provides this team with plenty of value as an ace. However, you do want to get the best return possible and that may be this offseason. The risk you run when waiting until the trade deadline is injury or he has a rocky season. In order to maximize the return, the White Sox may want to consider moving him now. Or they run the risk of his trade stock falling during the season.

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