White Sox: Will Rebuilding Lead to Future Success?

White Sox could bolster farm system with solid trades. Will rebuilding efforts lead to success similar to other teams?

The Chicago White Sox could turn its fortunes around with solid trades this offseason. However, success would be immediate. With a potential rebuild, the Sox could return to contention in a few seasons. This has been proven by other teams such as the Houston Astros and most notably the Chicago Cubs.

With the Sox mired in mediocrity over the past few seasons, the decision to rebuild this offseason is needed. The Sox can no longer waste the prime years of Chris Sale. They shouldn’t also waste an opportunity to improve their farm system.

The Sox are coming off a successful draft in 2016, but they still need more depth in their farm system. A trade involving Sale could bring back a solid number of top prospects. If the Sox trade Todd Frazier, David Robertson, Adam Eaton, and Melky Cabrera, they could even more depth to their farm system.

Although the Sox could trade many players this offseason, will a rebuild lead to future success on the South Side? This would depend on a variety of different things. The Sox would not only need to get solid prospects in trades, they will have to sign good veteran players to compliment young rosters moving forward. The Sox can move towards contending in a few seasons by rebuilding this offseason. However, the front office can’t make the same mistakes they’ve made in the past.

The Sox inability to surround its current core with solid players over the past two seasons has led to possible rebuild looming this offseason. The Sox also suffered from having an inadequate manager at the helm over the past five seasons. With Rick Renteria, the Sox have a manager that  has overseen a rebuilding effort before. Renteria’s lone season as Cubs manager in 2014 led to a seven win improvement over the 2013 season. The Cubs went 73-89 in 2014 but fired Renteria at the end of that season.

Renteria could very well guide a young Sox team to the playoffs in a few seasons if the team rebuilds. Not only does he have previous managerial experience, but he has proven that he can manage a young team. If the Sox are going to contend with a young team in a few seasons, Renteria could be the perfect manager for them.

Rick Hahn will need to make solid trades this offseason if the Sox are to contend in a few years. The Sox scouts will have to ensure this organization can get nice returns for each player traded. With poor offseason moves in the past, the Sox have a chance to affect their future positively. Hopefully the front office has learned from its past mistakes.

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