White Sox: Why MLB Stints of Prospects Should be Disregarded

With the influx of prospects through the recent trades for the White Sox, the ability to play at the major league level and transition from the minors has been brought up. 

The call-up of Yoan Moncada in 2016 was followed by him hitting .211 with 12 strikeouts in 19 at-bats. Lucas Giolito had an ERA of 6.75, Reynaldo Lopez had an ERA of 4.91, and Carson Fulmer had an ERA of 8.49.

The point is these top prospects haven’t performed as well as they should have. With these rough performances, the volatility of prospects and tough transition to the majors have been brought up many times.

It’s no secret prospects may not pan out. The Chicago White Sox have seen many players not pan out. Avisail Garcia is a constant reminder of that. But the current prospects shouldn’t be worried about. By no means should the Sox stop adding prospects, but the fans and the players themselves should remain confident in their abilities and future contributions to the Sox.

Kris Bryant had a great rookie year, which led to him winning Rookie of the Year. But his the season wasn’t always great. The month of July 2015 saw him hitting .168 with an OPS of .638. He followed up in August hitting .330 with an OPS of 1.042. His abilities didn’t go anywhere and he eventually performed well. Moncada’s abilities didn’t go anywhere either, and while he may not pan out like Bryant did, he still has the opportunity to be great.

Clayton Kershaw is one of the best players in the game. Since 2009, his ERA has never been higher than 2.91. In 2008 though, he had a 4.26 ERA. Now he’s a 3-time Cy Young winner. Like Bryant, Kershaw’s potential was still there and he showed everyone how good of a pitcher he is.

There are many more players who had a rough patch in their careers but went on to success. There are also players who have never capitalized on their potential. With all that being said, the Sox now have the chance for long term success and building a winner. They have elite prospects and now have a direction and a bright future, and still have the opportunity to get more prospects.

The rebuild will come with hardship and struggles, but the fans should still have faith in their scouting, front office, and development as the rebuild continues. The chance to win a championship will be there at the end.

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