White Sox Shouldn’t Trade Jose Quintana Right Now

Jose Quintana has a lot of trade value but the White Sox shouldn’t be eager to trade him. The lefty still provides tremendous value as a member of the rotation.

The Chicago White Sox had arguably the best winter meetings of any team in MLB. They did the unthinkable and made two huge trades that will improve this team in the future. All eyes are now on Jose Quintana, as the organization was reportedly engaged in talks with teams, like the Astros. However, with the new additions not being completely ready for the big leagues, it would serve the White Sox well to keep Quintana.

There’s no doubt Quintana can net another huge return for this organization. We heard teams backed off because of the asking price. But let’s back up for a second. The White Sox still need an ace to lead this staff.

Carlos Rodon has been good, but may not be ready to take over that role. Aside from him, you’re looking at Carson Fulmer and James Shields. Then you have Miguel Gonzalez. If this team did trade Quintana, there is going to be a glaring hole in the rotation. And they would most certainly have to sign a free agent to fill that void.

That might not be within their best interests. Shields is already a question mark and then they would have to find another pitcher to fill Quintana’s void. Their best bet is to hold onto him, while they can. He’s a very solid player and only 27. That means if the rebuild goes according to plan and this team is competing in a few years, he may only be 29 or 30. I see Quintana having another great season next year. There’s no reason why he can’t be the new ace.

Rick Hahn did a phenomenal job of adding great talent during the winter meetings. And he still has a great left handed pitcher. I was skeptical the White Sox would elect to trade both Sale and Quintana. In the end, they made the right choice hanging onto him, for now. I’m not saying that if another great offer comes around, they don’t make the move.

But right now, he has more value to them pitching every fifth day, than trading him for a handful of prospects. Even during a rebuild, he can still be an important member of the club. He’s got enough talent that they can build the rotation around him in the future. Pitching has always been an area of strength for the White Sox and it will only get better once some guys make it through the minors. Once they get there, they need a veteran to look up to. Quintana could be that guy. And he can be the ace of this staff for the future.

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