White Sox: Should Chris Sale Be Traded This Offseason?

White Sox could trade its best player this offseason, but can the front office actually move the All-Star pitcher? With rumors swirling about potential suitors, this could be the end of pitcher’s time on South Side.

The Chicago White Sox have been rumored to be rebuilding this offseason. With the team in the midst of a potential rebuild, the Sox could very well trade some of its best players. This includes All-Star pitcher Chris Sale.

Earlier this week, it was rumored that many teams have been in contact with the Sox about Sale. The one team that has been rumored to have serious talks with the Sox is the Atlanta Braves. While the Braves have an impressive farm system, can they meet the Sox demands for Sale?

The Sox were rumored to be expecting a handful of top 100 prospects and major league ready players in exchange for Sale. Although Sale is regarded as one of the better pitchers in MLB, should the Sox trade him?

A trade of Sale could possibly bring a nice return for Sale, but this is a once in a generation pitcher the team could be trading. Sale has been the ace of the Sox pitching rotation since 2012, and there’s no guarantee they will have another solid ace anytime soon if they trade him. However, the Sox farm system is still mediocre and they could improve it with a trade of Sale.

With Sale on the trade market this offseason, the Sox are at an advantage as the free agent market is relatively weak for starting pitchers. This gives the Sox the opportunity to demand a king’s ransom for Sale. Other teams that are rumored to be interested in Sale are the Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox.

Each of these teams have deep farm systems. This certainly helps the Sox if they were to trade Sale. But without Sale in the Sox pitching rotation next season, who would be the ace? Jose Quintana is a possibility, but he could also be traded. Carlos Rodon has been inconsistent the last two seasons, and shouldn’t be relied upon to be an ace in his MLB season.

If the Sox do trade Sale, they will not only need a good return but they will also need to get some solid pitching. It will be hard for the Sox to replace the production Sale provides immediately. But this isn’t a task that can’t be completed in a few seasons. The Sox will have to be smart about trading Sale. If they can get a nice return for trading Sale, Rick Hahn will look like a genius. If they can’t, this could go down as Hahn’s worst trade with the franchise.

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