White Sox Seek Three Elite Prospects for Jose Quintana

The White Sox continue to shop Jose Quintana but one team has reportedly dropped out. According to Jack Curry the New York Yankees are no longer interested. Curry tweets the asking price is too high for Brian Cashman.

The Chicago White Sox have been quiet as of late but it still sounds like they’re looking to deal Jose Quintana. The Astros, Pirates and Yankees reportedly had the most interest. However, one team is now out.

According to Jack Curry Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said the asking price is beyond what he would pay. Curry tweets the White Sox are looking for at least three elite prospects. That’s pretty much the equivalent to what they got for Chris Sale and Adam Eaton.

It seems like a lofty goal to get three elite prospects for Quintana, but this team definitely doesn’t want to sell themselves short. They’ve done a phenomenal job to this point revamping this franchise. But they can’t afford to make trades just for the sake of making trades.

Rick Hahn should really be in no hurry to trade Quintana. This team still needs an ace and he is capable of sliding into that role. It also doesn’t hurt the lefty has an extremely team-friendly contract. While this team could get another big return for the 27-year-old, he does still have value as a member of this club. Without him, this team really doesn’t have an ace. And pitching will be very important if this team hopes to compete in the future.

Because of this, the White Sox should be in no hurry to trade him. Especially if they aren’t going to get a good return. Eventually, the time will be right and they will get top dollar for him. They just need to be patient and wait until the best deal presents itself. It may be later this offseason. It may be at the trade deadline. Whatever the case is, Hahn needs to be waiting and ready to pounce when it happens.

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