White Sox Lacking True Desire to Win Consistently

White Sox drop three out of four to Royals, lose yet another series at Kauffman Stadium. Jose Abreu cites teams lack of desire as weakness for team after game.

The Chicago White Sox have struggled at Kauffman Stadium this season, and Monday’s result was typical of how the season has gone for the team. After losing 10-3 on Sunday, the Sox once again were blown out in an 8-3 loss on Monday.

The loss dropped the Sox record to 72-78. This was the same record for the Sox last season through 150 games. If the Sox continue losing, they will have no problem getting another protected first round pick for the next draft.

The Royals pounded Sox starter Carlos Rodon for six earned runs on Monday. This was the second consecutive start where a Sox starter didn’t pitch more than four innings. For Rodon, this was his second consecutive poor start.

The Sox finish the season 5-14 against the Royals, and without winning a single series at Kauffman Stadium. After the game, Sox slugger Jose Abreu commented on the Royals desire to win. With the Royals still clinging onto slim playoff hopes, Abreu stated they had more desire to win games. Something the Sox are clearly lacking.

This has to be concerning for many Sox fans to read. With the Sox headed towards another season under .500, its makes it harder for fans to see one of the team’s star players criticize the level of desire in the clubhouse. The Royals have shown a true desire to win games over the past six seasons. This isn’t something that appeared in 2014, the Royals have been a thorn in the Sox side since 2011.

The Sox haven’t had a winning record against the Royals since 2010 when they went 10-8. Since then, the Sox have only won nine games against the Royals in a single season once, in 2013. 2010 was also the last season the Sox won more than 85 games when they finished with 88 wins.

Abreu calling out the team’s current lack of desire should most certainly raise eyebrows in the Sox front office. This season has been a disaster for Sox fans, but so has the last four seasons with Robin Ventura as manager.

With the Sox being mired not only in mediocrity but controversy as well, as evidenced by tirades from Adam LaRoche, Adam Eaton and Chris Sale. Adding to the team’s dysfunction, the front office couldn’t reportedly come to a conclusion on what direction they should have gone at the trading deadline.

The Sox lack of desire as suggested by Abreu stems from a complacent owner and out of touch front office. This lack of desire has been evident to Sox fans for a long time, and its not the fault of Abreu. The Sox desperately need changes to be made at the conclusion of this season. There can’t be anymore half measured attempts at contention from the front office.

If the Sox truly want to contend next season and into the future, they will need to revamp their scouting first. The Sox will also need to hire a legitimate manager, and continue to draft effectively. Abreu might have stated the obvious on Monday about the Sox lack of desire, hopefully this team can find that desire in 2017.

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