White Sox: Lack of Movement Cause for Concern?

The White Sox have yet to make any real moves to reshape their roster. Should this be a cause for concern as the offseason rolls on?

The Chicago White Sox came into this offseason focused on improving their current roster after four-straight losing seasons. We keep hearing rumors of a possible Chris Sale trade and the White Sox are willing listeners. However, we have yet to see any movement out of the this team. Could this be a sign the front office isn’t really sure what it wants to do?

The White Sox have been criticized for lacking direction. Prior to the offseason, GM Rick Hahn said the direction of the team would become clear. However, we’re still not sure what direction they’re going in. Are they looking to contend in 2017 and beyond or are they looking at a full-scale rebuild? I don’t think we know for sure.

So far, all we know is they’re reportedly talking to some interested teams about different players. Names like Adam Eaton, Todd Frazier and David Robertson have come up, along with the aforementioned Sale. But despite all the talk, no moves have been made. It’s quite possible the front office just doesn’t feel they’re getting proper value for the chips they have. It’s also possible they’re not sold on the direction they’re headed in.

We know Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t like to lose and he doesn’t like to rebuild. He always wants to win now. Ken Williams, the team’s executive vice president, is the same way. Hahn is the only one willing and open to rebuilding, we think. Williams wants to win now. I’m sure Reinsdorf feels the same way. But right now, the organization is neither rebuilding nor building a contender for 2017. And that’s cause for concern.

The offseason is still young but this team has a lot of work to do. Before we know it, it’ll be time for pitchers and catchers to report. We only hope that we’ll start to see the Sox be active in free agency or on the trading block. There have been plenty of rumors about trade possibilities. But so far, it’s all been talk. Hopefully Rick Hahn and company know what they’re doing. And this can end up being a successful offseason the club.

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