White Sox: Do the Blue Jays Match Up Well In Trade for Adam Eaton?

White Sox outfielder could be target of AL East champion Blue Jays. If the gold glove finalist is traded, what could the team get back in return?

With reports coming out on Friday about the Blue Jays interest in Chicago White Sox right fielder Adam Eaton, does it make sense for the Sox brass to think about a deal with Canada’s Team? The Blue Jays have some talented prospects. Included here is a look at who the Sox might attempt to pry away from the Jays in a potential Eaton deal.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 3B

The son of former MLB all-star OF Vladimir Guerrero, Guerrero would bring a talented corner infield prospect to the South Siders. Since he has yet to play above rookie ball, it is unlikely that Guerrero would make it to the big leagues until at least 2019.

While he is not as athletic as his father, he still has great bat speed not to mention good hand-eye coordination. He would be very difficult to acquire, mostly due to his upside at the plate. Just a footnote about Vlad Jr. is that he is the cousin of current Sox prospect Josue Guerrero. He signed as an international free agent this past season.

Reese McGuire: C

McGuire was the 14th overall pick in 2013 by the Pittsburgh Pirates, however was acquired by the Jays this past season. His calling card as of right now is his defense, which is plus as of today. Assuming his bat develops, he could become an all-around catcher at the MLB level.

If the Sox were to bring McGuire into their system, they would be acquiring the number four catching prospect in all of baseball per MLB.com. Catcher is a definite need in the Sox system, and if they could bring a potential MLB starter over it would improve depth in that area tremendously.

Sean Reid-Foley (RHP)

Of the three prospects listed, Reid-Foley is the only of the bunch ranked in the top 100 in all of baseball (number 76 per MLBpipline.com). His fastball can touch 98, however usually sits between 92-95 MPH in a given start with movement. With a solid slider to compliment his heater, he is able to rack up his strikeout total. While Reid-Foley does use a changeup, he has rarely done so in his pro career.

Reid-Foley is going to need a bit of development, however has the tools to become a legit starter at the MLB level. While he could be more of a number three starter at the moment, it is possible he could enhance his value with elite coaching due to his skill and competitive makeup.

Overall, it is unlikely that the Sox will acquire all three of these prospects in a trade involving just Eaton. One of these would do the Sox well, as they need all the help they can get. If that were to be the case, the Jays have other solid players in their system for the Sox to choose from.

Keep in mind that Toronto is also interested in free agent OF Dexter Fowler as well. Fowler will cost the Jays more in terms of dollars. Eaton will do some harm to their system. However, Eaton’s defensive worth not to mention he is a solid offensive player would make him an extremely viable option if the Jays do choose to go that route.

If the Sox do indeed move Eaton, they need to bring back a solid haul. His DWAR in 2016 was 1.8 in right field alone, where he recorded 15 assists. Eaton is valuable to any team. The Sox need to bring just as much value back in return. The Sox could hold on to Eaton and use him as a building block. But it might make more sense to attempt to make multiple MLB players out of one.

So, who will still be on this roster from 2016 next year, Sox fans? While that question isn’t answered at the moment, it may not be much.

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