White Sox Desperately Need Brand Image Makeover

Poor attendance, lack of consistent winning seasons has alienated many passionate White Sox fans. With a new manager at the helm, franchise can finally get makeover it desperately needs.

The Chicago White Sox have nowhere to go but up after finishing its fourth consecutive season with a losing record. The last time the Sox finished with four straight losing seasons, the franchise embarked on a dramatic turnaround to begin the 1990’s.

With new manager Rick Renteria taking over, the Sox have the chance to restore faith in its declining fanbase. The Sox are struggling at the wrong time as their crosstown rivals are four wins away from advancing to its first World Series since 1945. As the postseason continues on, many Sox fans are left wondering when will their favorite team participate in a playoff game again?

The Sox have the pieces in place to make a run at contending, but they’ve done a poor job of surrounding its talent with supplementary players. A severe lack of depth has plagued this team for the past two seasons. This can’t continue next season.

If the Sox are going to make a serious push for the postseason in 2017, Jerry Reinsdorf is going to need to spend more money. The Sox have never been known as a team that will give out a $100 million contract to one single player. This most likely won’t be the offseason the team does that, but Reinsdorf can’t continue to be cheap any longer.

The game of baseball is passing Reinsdorf by, and the Sox desperately need to change course and adapt with the times. Sagging attendance at U.S. Cellular Field has made attendance-shaming that much easier for opposing fans. Going to a Sox game used to be fun for a lot of fans, but it hasn’t been this way in a very long time.

The Sox front office hasn’t done fans many favors either as they can’t even agree on whether they should truly rebuild or not. Fans of this team have gotten tired of failed acquisitions and mediocre play on the field. With the Sox constant struggles, they’ve also failed to grab the attention of younger fans.

A lack of direction in the past has led the Sox to where they’re currently at, mired in mediocrity. Sox fans want to support a winner, but they haven’t had much to cheer about over the past four seasons. There has to be a sense of urgency within the Sox front office to build a legitimate and sustainable contender.

In 2004, the Chicago Blackhawks were named the worst franchise in professional sports by ESPN. Twelve years later, they’re one of the best franchises in the NHL. The Sox could certainly follow that script, but they need a committed front office. This franchise can’t afford anymore half-measured attempts at success. The Sox need a brand image makeover, and the time is now.

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