White Sox: Could This Roster Compete For Division in 2017?

Rick Hahn doesn’t expect the White Sox to be competitive. With Jose Quintana headlining the rotation and influx of new talent, could this team compete in 2017?

The Chicago White Sox have gone through a lot of changes this offseason. The biggest change is no more Chris Sale and no more Adam Eaton. Possibly also no more David Robertson. However, this team is absolutely loaded with young talent. Rick Hahn doesn’t expect this team to compete, but they really only lost two guys. Does this mean it’s possible for the White Sox to be competitive in 2017?

First things first, I don’t believe this team is the best team in the American League Central. You have to give that title to the Cleveland Indians. And the Indians got better with the addition of Edwin Encarnacion. That team has a lot more power in its lineup now. The Detroit Tigers are also loaded again.

The White Sox are in an interesting position because they added a lot by only subtracting a little. They lost two key players but added a surplus of talent with an eye towards the future. Yoan Moncada has drawn comparisons to Robinson Cano. Lucas Giolito and Michael Kopech could be a dominant one-two punch in the future.

It’s difficult for me seeing this team being a serious threat to the Indians or Tigers next season. That’s simply because they need some time for all this talent to develop. We will definitely see some of these guys in the majors next season. But expect some growing pains. This team is probably not going to be ready to compete but stranger things have happened.

A lot needs to happen for this team to be competitive next season. The rotation has to pitch well, the bullpen needs to be solid and they have to hit. The offense is definitely not improved from last season. They didn’t make a splash during free agency to add another slugger and they really don’t have a great option at designated hitter.

This team still has holes to fill. And they may not be able to fill them by opening day. I think Hahn is being realistic when he says he doesn’t feel the White Sox will compete in 2017. This won’t put too much pressure on the team and will give them an opportunity to jell. This also takes the stress off manager Rick Renteria. Now if the team struggles in 2017, it won’t be as bad because even the GM expected it to be another bad season.

Baseball is a funny sport and it’s possible we see something crazy. If the White Sox compete it’ll be a great thing for the fans. If not, don’t worry, the White Sox are loaded and should be a force to be reckoned with in the very near future.

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