Name that mugshot

What in the name of "Freaky Friday" — or Manic Monday? — is going on here?

On the left, we have a smiling Charlie Monfort, the Colorado Rockies co-owner. On the right, there’s Tampa Bay Rays rookie Wil Myers.

Can you guess which picture above is a mugshot of someone who was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding?

Here’s a hint: The other photo is of someone who just won an award.

If you answered the mugshot belongs to Myers, well, you’re 100 percent wrong.

Monfort was arrested late Monday night in Windsor, Colo., about 60 miles north of Denver. The Greeley Tribune reported that the 54-year-old Monfort submitted to a breath test and recorded a breath alcohol concentration level of 0.284.

According to an arrest affidavit, Monfort first told police that he had two beers and wouldn’t be under the legal limit of 0.08. But then he said he had more than two. … That might explain his huge grin?

Monfort, who was released from the Weld County jail in Greeley on Tuesday on a personal recognizance bond of $2,500, has apologized for his arrest. He faces arraignment in Weld County court on Nov. 19.

As for Myers. The 22-year-old right fielder won the MLB Players Choice Award on Monday night as the AL’s Outstanding Rookie. Above is how he looked when he went on the MLB Network after being announced the winner, voted on by his major league peers.

Did he just get out of bed?

Myers debuted on June 18 and only played 88 games, but he led all AL rookies with 53 RBI. He also hit .293 with 13 home runs, helping lead Tampa Bay to its fourth playoff appearance in six years.

The Rays were 36-33 when he was called up and went 56-38 after his arrival.

But we still think Myers needs some advice from Crash Davis.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.