What MLB scouts are saying about Tim Tebow

A lot was made of Tim Tebow’s MLB "showcase" on Tuesday. Dozens of scouts for 28 MLB teams attended and the media coverage was plentiful, as expected, for the latest rendition of Tebowmania.

But now that the hype is over and the dust has settled, what can we make of Tebow’s attempt to dive head first into a pro baseball career at the ripe age of 29?

Well, according to most MLB scouts, not too much.

While Tebow ran an above-average 60-yard dash and displayed some power with a couple of BP homers, he didn’t do much to warrant a major-league contract.

According to Jim Bowden of ESPN, Tebow graded below average in five categories, based on the 12 MLB scouts that he spoke to who attended the workout. The MLB scouting scale goes 20-80, with 50 being major-league average.

Arm- 40 (No carry)

Fielding- 45 (Needs footwork)

Hitting- 35 (Grooved uppercut swing)

Power- 55 (Raw power)

Running- 55 (6.7 60-yard dash time)

While Tebow displayed raw power and slightly above-average running skills, it’s going to take a lot more than that to warrant a professional baseball contract.

Perhaps, a minor-league deal could be in his future, but based on the general consensus from scouts, it’s going to be a difficult, uphill battle for Tebow to make it in pro baseball. And he’s going to have to start at rock bottom and work his way up.