Watch Reds, Marlins prospects exchange punches in wild brawl



Often times when a baseball “brawl” occurs, the incident in question features not much more than some grown men clearing the dugouts just to chirp and grab at each other for a few minutes on the field.

This one, though…this one was a doozy.

Tensions boiled over in the ninth inning of a Single-A game between the Daytona Tortugas (a Cincinnati Reds affiliate) and Jupiter Hammerheads (Miami Marlins) last week and then things got pretty violent. Punches appeared to be thrown by both players and coaches alike and the action was spread throughout the infield, all the while the stadium's PA system blasted some dance music to try and mask the horrific screams from the crowd in attendance.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the bizarre scene caused a twenty-minute delay before play resumed. This all went down on “Camp Day” at the ballpark, meaning that plenty of youngsters sure got their fill of Adults Behaving Badly.

It's rare to see a brawl as violent and captivating as this one at the Major League level. You're much more likely to see some extracurricular fireworks in the minors, where guys are less rich and more angry. Riding the bus will do that to you.