Tasting the heat: Twins’ Hunter swallows fire during off-day fun

'No taste, no burn in your mouth or anything.' — Torii Hunter

Steve Mitchell/Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Torii Hunter is definitely a "cool dad."

After watching his son and his Fighting Irish teammates finish up a practice, the entire team had a locker room session with a sports psychologist/motivational speaker.

With dad looking on, Torii Jr. and his teammates took part in some intense activities: breaking boards with their foreheads and swallowing fire. Of course it wasn’t long before dad joined in on the fun.

The veteran major leaguer posted a video of the action on Instagram with the caption: "If my son @thunterjr_ can do it, I can do it. #burntmytongue #gasolinebreath #notpartofmydiet"

While Hunter said he has broken boards with his forehead before, this was the first time he’d ever swallowed fire.

If my son @thunterjr_ can do it, I can do it. #burntmytongue #gasolinebreath #notpartofmydiet

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"It was a lot of fun," Hunter told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "You have to suck the breath out of you … you take a deep breath and hold it and then put (the fire stick) in your mouth to smother the fire. It was a great method."

Was it as easy as he made it look?

"Nothing happened," Hunter told the Pioneer Press. "No taste, no burn in your mouth or anything. You smother the fire. It goes in your mouth and you pull it out."