Source: Nats’ Dunn claimed on waivers

Washington Nationals slugger Adam Dunn was claimed on trade waivers today, one major league source told

The identity of the club is not known. The news lessens the likelihood that Dunn will be dealt this month.

If the Nationals wish to trade Dunn, they will have to do so while negotiating with only one club, between now and Monday afternoon. It will be difficult for the Nationals to get what they deem to be fair value in a one-on-one negotiation. They were unable to reach an agreement last month, when it was possible to talk with 29 other clubs.

Had Dunn been unclaimed, the Nationals could have discussed trade proposals with the 29 other teams.

Today’s development does not come as a surprise. Dunn, a prospective free agent, is due to earn roughly $4 million over the remainder of this season. It was highly likely that another team valued him at that dollar figure. The waiver claim is evidence of that.

Trade waivers are procedural, so this in no way indicates that the Nationals are eager to move Dunn. He is still on the active roster.

Dunn is batting .277/.365/.578 with a league-best 28 home runs and 71 RBIs.