Bored Nationals pitcher chewed a styrofoam cup to shreds

Being a relief pitcher can be boring at times. That’s a given, and because of that, relievers have to create their own form of entertainment.

Washington Nationals pitcher Oliver Perez did exactly that three innings into Tuesday’s game. It was somewhat unconventional, though.

Rather than throwing sunflower seeds and catching them in his mouth, he shredded his styrofoam cup into a rope-like object … with his teeth!

He made it all the way to the bottom of the cup while ignoring his coach jabbing in his ear, but we’re not quite sure what he did with it when he was finished. That’s pretty impressive, even if it is something sixth-graders do when they’re bored at lunch.

Perez eventually got into the game in the seventh inning and gave up one run on two hits in one-third of an inning. He took the loss after putting in hard work on that cup earlier in the game.