Senator Mitch McConnell says Nats ‘need to get rid of Papelbon’

Apparently, Jonathan Papelbon hasn't made many friends in D.C.
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Jonathan Papelbon’s time in Washington hasn’t been very positive.

In addition to his subpar on-field performance (3.04 ERA with seven saves after a deadline trade to the Nationals), Papelbon notoriously got into a fight with eventual MVP Bryce Harper during a game in September.

Obviously, none of that has endeared him to fans and that includes Senator Mitch McConnell.

During a Politco event on Tuesday, McConnell was asked how the Nationals can improve this offseason.

“First of all, they need to get rid of Papelbon,” McConnell said via CBS DC. “Getting in fights with the Most Valuable Player in the National League strikes me as not a team-building exercise.”

His advice didn’t stop there.

“And I think they need a solid, good-hitting outfielder,” McConnell added. “Because Jayson Werth is getting older and not playing many games anymore. And we could use another starter, although I think this young guy, Lucas Giolito, down in the minors may be their answer to Jordan Zimmermann’s departure.”

McConnell does have a point — the Nats were reportedly finalists for Jason Heyward and could certainly use a starter to fill the void left by Zimmermann.

What they ultimately decide to do, however, is still up in the air, though Papelbon would be a good starting point.