Veteran Zaun inks $2.15M deal with Brewers

Gregg Zaun faced a decision nearly every veteran must make

toward the end of his career.

The catcher who turns 39 next month could either become a bench

player on a talented team virtually guaranteed to reach the

postseason or he could continue contributing to an up-and-coming

team on the cusp of the playoffs.

Zaun thinks he’ll be able to do both.

He signed a $2.15 million, one-year deal for this season with a

team option for next year in December. He certainly brings his own


Between his love of classic rock, custom made golf pants and his

unique fan club, the Zaunbie Nation, Zaun is much more

demonstrative than Milwaukee’s previous catcher Jason Kendall.

He’ll also get an opportunity near the end of his career to be a

starter with the Brewers.