Verlander renting jet to All-Star Game

Thanks to four-time All-Star Justin Verlander, Kansas City

rookie Aaron Crow will be traveling to Phoenix in style.

Verlander rented a private plane and will be taking Crow as well

as his All-Star Tiger teammates to the All-Star game, repaying a

kindness that was shown to him as a young player.

“I’ve had the opportunity to take some planes when I was

younger,” said Verlander, who went 7 2-3 innings and beat the

Royals 2-1 Sunday for his 12th victory.

Verlander said older players took him on private flights to the

All-Star game and he recalls how thrilling that was.

“I’m in a situation now where thankfully I can afford to do

something like that,” he said. “When I’ve had it done for me in the

past, other teams or other teammates have taken care of me. The

tide’s turned and I’m able to take care of some guys. I’ve never

forgotten those times.”

Other Tigers making the trip to Phoenix as All-Stars are catcher

Alex Avila, DH Miguel Cabrera, closer Jose Valverde and shortstop

Jhonny Peranta.

Crow is the Royals’ lone representative to the game in Phoenix

on Tuesday night.

“The first time getting to an All-Star game is an awesome

experience. To have the opportunity to make some guys happy, it’s a

nice thing to do,” Verlander said.